Hi Kathrine and Kenny fk

Welcome to our UPCOMING photoshoot private page
wednesday 18th of may.

who am I?

My name is Jose Ramon, originally from Venezuela, I work as a kindergarten teacher and children's photographer, leaving grownup models for the weekends.

The way I shoot

I love storytelling so I always create stories around the shoot, I also do my best to capture the emotion in the most genuine way,


This is a Trade for Print shoot, meaning that we all will benefit from the shoot by producing good photography for our portfolios, remember that is not a pay job and there is no pressure so we have the freedom to have fun :)

What do I need from you?

Kathrine: I just want you to be yourself and do what you do best, there will be moments I will discover and I will ask you to stop or go slowly, I will also listen with open heart to any ideas you might have on the spot

Kenny Fk: You are the man and you know more about makeup than I do, so I let the technical part of makeup on you and the creative part on you and Katherine.... go ahead and do your art the best way you can do it.

The shoot theme is
Alice in wonderland

The location

The shoot location are in Shibuya station, around 109, and around Tokyo Hands, all within walking distance, we might use a place or not depending of the flow of people by the time we are there. 


Lighting and style of portraiture

apart of portraiture these are Images I'm looking for

1. The Scape
Featuring Alice running away from the cat/bunny's shadow

2. The alley walk away
Featuring Alice walking down the alley holding a teddy bunny or her shoes on her hands (better if we have red shoes). I might take some close up images of Alice holding the teddy bunny as well as some details of the wardrobe.

3. Creative posing and smoke break
Is where Katherine is free to use the environment and her role as Alice to pull some storytelling poses and all without forgetting that is all about having a great moment.

4. Composite.
There might be some chances to grab some images to use on a composite in photoshop later on.  the ideas might come on the spot... feel free to share your inspiration at any moment during the shoot.

This is just a basic guide line of what I would like to get, feel free to share your own ideas an expectation with all of us, good communication is what make any project successful.

lets have fun and do
amazing photography