4 Steps to find your personal style / by Jose Photography & Design

Looking for your own style?

It is the holy grail for all those who venture in the world of art, to have an style, a sign that link your work with you.
Also, we all want the easy answer, the map to where such a style can be found.
If you are the kind of people who look for an easy fix to everything, then you might not like what I'm going to tell you, there is not easy fix and every one path is different, still I will share what worked for me.

A personal style is like a new born baby, you need to nurture and help to develop little by little.

1. Stop imitating other artist's work

Don’t get me wrong, it is important to see what the great photographers are doing, for inspiration also to  learn from them, but by no means try to make that person styles yours only because his work is popular.

2.Create for yourself.

I know! I know! We are artist and we create for our audience, but the truth is...  if we shoot only what others like we'll sacrifice our own style and will end up doing what others think is cool, we like it or not

3. Create lot of crap work

You need to produce a lot of art, the more art you produce the more crap you will see, and that crap will tell you what is it you need to stop doing, then little by little you will see you work and technique develop.

4. Be your self

If you want to have a unique style, start with yourself, here is the good news, you are unique already, there is no other like you, so just be yourself, let your preference show in your images, let those images be an extension of vision and passion.

For many years I pretended to be somebody else, always photographing what others thought was cool, never showed my personal work afraid someone will criticize it, but one day I said "enough" and I shoot this image

weeks later I joined the Arcanum and found who is now my mentor and friend Stephan Bollinger (www.stephanbollinger.com), he taught me how to be myself and not to be afraid of criticism, now I urge you,  believe in yourself, persevere and one day someone after seeing one of your pictures will come to you and tell you, "I knew it was yours the moment I saw it” That day you will know you have it.

Happy shooting