Regain the lost love for photography / by Jose Photography & Design

Aren't sure about your love for photography?

Do you remember when you saw her for the first time? in the mall, she was the most beautiful among them all, her nice body,  and the way that prime lens looked on her, (Yes I’m talking about your DSLR).

First love

You knew she had to be yours and you worked hard to have her on your side. Once under the same roof you felt so powerful. But like all love stories, with time, you realized that you knew nothing about her, and that it is not easy to get everything you want. You began to see that there are better ones out there, who can give you more satisfaction in lower light.

You didn’t give up. You took her to see the sunrise on that special place and there you fell in love. You understood that is not about her body, but about what you can do with it.

After a few years, you became a pro photographer and now it is all about paying the bills and finding the next client. You go back home and realize that you didn't touch her in a couple of weeks and little by little the love has gone. You want the love back but don't know how.

Here is my advice. Take a few days from work, your camera to that sunrise, park or place where you fell in love with photography, go back to what you love to do. You will be in love again.