How to find your own style as a photographer by Jose Photography & Design

I don't know any single photographer that has kept a single style during his/her whole artistic life, any style is in constant evolution.
Life experience, practice and constant experimentation are nurturing your unique style, be patient.

Just be yourself, we are all different and it will reflect in your art.

Taking a photograph or Making a photograph by Jose Photography & Design

Every picture I take is like the main ingredient for an unique image, very rarely I'm please with an image right out of the camera.
I believe that tweaking the photograph I can add personality and a distinctive style to it, not on purpose but as a result of realizing my own vision.
Some people might like the "out of the camera" version better,  however it is not always about pleasing others but about realizing my own vision, and that is what keep me loving what I do.

Photograph Taken

Photograph Taken

Photograph Made

Photograph Made

Do you want to learn photography? here is your FIRST LESSON by Jose Photography & Design

Be human


I love taking pictures of people, and through experience I have learned that many times we (photographers) hide behind the camera and never really connect with the subject we want photograph.
For me connecting is not only about introducing myself and handle business cards, but  about gaining people's trust through honest communication, understanding and respect.

If you want people to give part of themselves to you... earn it.