Q. Who the hell are you?
My name is Jose, I'm a graphic designer, originally from Venezuela, now married to a beautiful Japanese and now living in Tokyo working as a kindergarten staff photographer and teacher. you can know more about me at the following

Q. Who is this blog for?
A. It is for all those who want to learn photography from scratch

Q. What those Chinese characters at the bottom of the navigation bar stand for?
A. Those are to promote my Wedding Photography business in Japan "I know... trying to make a living out of my hobby is not the smartest move" but I want to try.

Q. Can we help you with your English? 
Sure, just type your name and suggestion or correct English on the form at the right,  any kind of help is welcome but remember to be gentile, as you know we artist have a very delicate heart, also although not necessary don't forget to write your email or contact information so I can return the favor someday.

Q. Do you live in Japan?
Yes in Tokyo, you can write me if you would like to have a photo-walk with me just for fun. 

Q. Why your English is so poor?
I'm originally from Venezuela, one day I decided to learn English took my dictionary made a couple of international friends and here I am, trying to impress native English speakers through my blog